Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation, all they ever wanted

Woot! Summer vacation has officially begun. After a flurry of end-of-year socials, picnics, and field trips (not to mention no less than 10 batches of cookies and brownies baked for said socials, picnics, and field trips) we are DONE for the summer!

Friday was a half day. The weather was clear and warm. We wasted no time jumping into the fun. My husband took the kids canoeing for the afternoon, and then we made a little field trip of our own to a somewhat famous restaurant where autographed buns line the walls. (Although to be honest, the draw for me is the apple strudel with ice cream! OMG, I could eat it every day and not get sick of it.)
Then we headed to a minor league ball game

and were treated to some after-game fireworks. Canoeing, baseball, and fireworks all in one day. That's a complete summer right there!

Odds and ends:
When I uploaded my photos, I found about 30 photos like this one on the camera:

My son was home sick earlier in the week with a fever, sore throat and headache. Swine flu? Who knows. As the fever went away, he felt well enough to clean his room, a task he initiated all on his own, and then he enjoyed the cleaned-up space by lining up his Star Wars mini figures.

I was reading another Needlecraft Mystery on Friday, which was June 12, and in the book it was also June 12. I love it when things like that happen! Many years ago I was taking the Amtrak train from Chicago to St. Paul. That line runs all the way to Seattle and is called The Empire Builder. The library book I brought with me for the ride was a coming-of-age novel about a girl who gets a job as a nanny, and in the book I was shocked and delighted when she ended up taking a train trip with the family on (drum roll, please...) The Empire Builder! I was so thrilled with the coincidence to be reading about a trip on The Empire Builder while I rode The Empire Builder! I wanted to show my fellow passengers: look what I'm reading! The characters in my book are on The Empire Builder! Isn't that so cool? but as I looked around to share my fun news, I fortunately came to my senses and realized I should just keep the news to myself.

The sun shone all day today. The forecast for the night is clear, with sunny skies tomorrow. So why 10 minutes ago did we have a sudden downpour? I couldn't believe it. I even went to a weather site and checked the radar for my area, and it was all clear except for one tiny little green dot over my part of town. How weird!

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Lynn said...

Wow, you start of the summer with a bang! We always go for ice cream right after school is out. Ice cream for lunch is a big thrill for us.