Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another year older

Today is my birthday, and I'm actually feeling quite young, because everyone seems to think it's my 43rd birthday. My mom thought I was turning 43, my sister thought I was turning 43, even my husband and son thought I was turning 43. But I'm really only 42!! So, yay for me!

Remember when birthdays were so exciting, when it was so great to be the next year older? Not so much anymore. Although, I use this calories-burned calculator, and now, just because I'm one year older, it says I burned almost one whole extra calorie in my workout today!

My children surprised me today, because, unprompted, they both told me happy birthday first thing, and they had gifts and cards for me. My daughter embroidered a beautiful heart for me. The felt is actually a rich purple, but purples always come out blue on my camera. This little heart makes me so happy. Her stitching is getting so nice.

My son made a card, and this was on the back:
He gets his sense of humor from his father. In case you can't read his writing, it says "since you are getting so old, we reserved a spot for you at the nursing home!" Scary thing to think that actually will be his job some day. I won't think about that now.

My daughter made me this itty bitty card. She wrapped it in 5 sheets of paper, put it in a box, put the box in a gift bag, and put the gift bag in a shoe box. She got a huge kick watching me have to unwrap all those layers to get to my teeny card. (I think she's the only one who got my age right today.)
Two friends took me out to lunch, which seemed very celebratory. The restaurant had a birthday special: a free banana-nutella crepe, complete with ice cream and whipped cream, for the birthday person. It was huge, more than enough for 3 people, and oh so delicious.
Just in time for my birthday, my balloon flowers are starting to bloom.

I love these. I first saw balloon flowers at my friend Tina's house, and thought they were the coolest things. Now I have them in my yard, too!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Another year older, wiser, and more beautiful of course! All the best!

Your kids' gifts are so sweet. I think the ladies had better watch out for your young man's sense of humour! Hahaha

Leila said...

I'm just squeaking in on West Coast time.... but

Happy Birthday!

Glenda said...

Belated Birthday Wishes!! I hope it ended up being a wonderful day, through and through (sounds like it definitely started off that way).

What great cards from your kiddos :).

Gorgeous flower!!!

Rosa said...

Happy 42nd! (Wasn't 42 the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything else? So you know 42 has got to be good!)

Michele T. said...

Well I'm really late but Happy Birthday anyway!


Tricia said...

Happy birthday + 6! :^o

I have balloon flowers that don't open up, so they stay looking like balloons. They're perennial, and I transplanted some from my previous house when we moved here 12 years ago!

Lynn said...

I do hope you had a good birthday. I can't believe your MOTHER had the wrong year! Are you SURE you're not 43?

I love balloon flowers too. I had some years ago. I just bought two more, a blue and a white, this spring.