Thursday, July 9, 2009

Copy Cat

My son and I shamelessly copied the radish carving idea I saw here. I harvested the last of our radishes a few days ago, and since I am the only one in the house who eats radishes, and since I usually get my fill of radishes pretty quickly, carving them up seemed like a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Hehe! It's a radish Whoville! I love the last one, he came with a ready-made nose. :)

Lynn said...

What is it with radishes. No one but me eats them here either!

I thought about carving some after seeing that photo on flickr. But, I think I weeded mine all out.

Tricia said...

Those are so cute, and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! :^)

I tried a cooked radish recipe last month, and we [meaning the adults in the house] liked it a lot! They were much more mild that way. Z likes raw radishes, but wouldn't try the cooked ones.