Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally, a quiet day

My son has been hogging my computer. He claims the family computer is not fast enough for his movie making anymore, so I "get" to use my computer in little fits and starts here and there throughout the day. Hence, no blog updates. However, for three afternoons this week he is attending baseball camp, so I have four hours today to actually use the computer myself! (I had to kick my daughter off it just now, though...)

July was a busy month. We went to visit my family for 5 days, were home for a few days, and then we went on our annual summer trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan. Ahh, summer is not complete with that trip.

We had variable weather this year. Some days were sunny, some days were cloudy, some days were drizzly, and some were really windy, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Our activities were just like last year's: rock hunting, sand castle building, swimming, eating, and hiking (almost in that order!)
Fudge shops abound in Northern Michigan. You know it's time to head for home when your children start chanting from the back seat "Fudge Fudge Fudge Fudge" to the tune of Charge, baseball stadium style (this ditty, if I'm not making sense).

That last photo is a plaster cast of my daughter's footprint on the beach. Yes, I brought plaster of paris on vacation! I bet you do crazy things like that, too. I used these instructions. It didn't turn out quite as defined as I would have liked, but that may have been because it was a really windy day and sand was flying everywhere. Her footprint started to fill with blown sand even before I could pour the plaster in. My son's cast broke in half. I blame the rogue wave that swamped his print half-way through the drying period.

See more photos here. Last year's photos are here.
Is it too soon to go back?

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Glenda said...

Ha, I can relate to the computer situation! Last fall we decided to buy our son a PC that can handle the various massive online multiplayer games he likes to play, but now he's into making movies too so I'll be interested to see how long before his PC isn't efficient enough for movie-making.

Love the plaster footprint :). Looks like fun beachy times have been had by the House of Hodgepodge crew!!