Monday, August 3, 2009

Get Smart

Get Smart
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Here is a little something my son did today. He makes lots of brick films, usually elaborate creations that take him days, using his own storylines, but this one he did in a day. It is a recreation of the opening sequence of the 60s TV show Get Smart.

I have some other things of my own to share, hopefully later in the week!


Glenda said...


Amazing that he even knows the opening sequence to the series ;-). I love his re-creation. Does he upload his stuff to youtube??? My son and his cousins are forever making all sorts of videos and uploading them -- so much creativity at work!!

besomom said...

Thanks, Glenda. He knows the opening sequence, all right. I gave my husband the complete series on DVD for his birthday back in April and the kids went on a marathon Get Smart session this summer. Ahem. More TV than I'd like, but they're done now and on to other things. Like making movies!

He doesn't post on YouTube, but I think he'd like to eventually. Isn't it awesome to see what our kids come up with?

Lynn said...

Oh. This is really fun. I would love to watch him at work.