Thursday, September 17, 2009

Transitions: a Hodgepodge Post

I have my computer back. Everything seems to be working, except that all of my 2009 photos, save September, have disappeared. I hope they come back!

Here is what we did the last few days of summer:

And then school started with a blur.

It's crazy how quickly September rushes up on us, and now it's half over already and I'm still not in the swing of my new groove. No crafting. I'm determined to get the house tidied before I mess it up with bits of thread and fabric. Would it be embarrassing to tell you I've spent this entire week on my clothes closet alone? I read Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style, and two of Nina Garcia's books: The Style Strategy and The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own to help me with my closet purging. The books were entertaining (I own 35 of the 100 items!! That makes me 35% stylish!!!), but even after my purge I still feel like I have too much, and I'm still uncertain what to get rid of. You'd think I was a child of the Depression or something, because my mentality is I have to keep it, I might need it again someday! Ugh. I try to keep in mind people who truly need it right now, which helps me part with a lot.
I need to come up with a weekly themed post to keep me on blog track. My friend Lynn at The Little Red Hen does lovely Thoughtful Sunday posts, Crystal at Elsewhere Living does Lazy Sunday posts, and Bookwormbethie does Keeping it Weird on Wednesdays. Any good ideas for a weekly themed post?


Glenda said...

That Orange Dream float (am I right that that's what it is?) looks dreamy :).

Ohhhhh, I'm so sorry to hear that your 2009 photos have disappeared. I had that happen with pics when my PC died several years ago, so I try to be more diligent about backing up my laptop than I was with my PC (and I just now made a note to myself to back up my PC, because I haven't done that in months!).

Tim Gunn and the What Not to Wear folks would freak if they saw my closet. When I quit working away from home, I got rid of all the "office clothes" and now all that's in my closet are a few pairs of jeans, a few pair of docker-style pants, and a handful of nice v-neck shirts. Period! It's very liberating to have so much less in my closet (although I admit that I *would* like to have a cute casual skirt and a shirt to go with it). We have an older home with only an eensy amount of closet space in each room, so that helps me keep my wardrobe manageable and to get rid of "I might need this someday" clothes on a regular basis. My theory is the more room we have, the more we will buy to take up the space!!

A theme, hmmmmm. What sorts of things interest you enough that you'd enjoy doing a weekly post about them, and wouldn't run out of ideas???

Lynn said...

Purging is hard. I am constantly trying. But then there are days, like today, when I stop at a yard sale and come home with a HUGE box of stuff. I was actually looking for clothes but came home with books. Sigh. At least they are GOOD books. Some old readers even. And just right for my daughter to practice her reading skills!

I have also started posting Gratitude on Wednesdays. I never did start the Gratitude journal suggested in Simple Abundance but I thought that maybe once a week I could pause long enough to think of something to be grateful for.

There is also a gratitude journal group on flickr. Well, there is a group for everything on flickr. There is probably even a twelve step closet purge group. Step one - admit that you have a problem...