Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boo your neighbors

My kids have been booing their friends and neighbors the past few weeks. This sounds like they've been making rude noises at others, but this booing is actually quite a friendly tradition. This time of year, people like to boo, and be booed!
To boo someone, you decorate a brown bag with ghosts and ominous messages, then fill the bag with candy, treats, and a drawing of something spooky. You wait until it's dark outside, then you stealthily drop the bag on the front porch of your unsuspecting friend, ring their door bell, and (here is the really fun part) run away like mad. You don't want to get caught in the act of booing!
This time of year, the kids inside the house (the "booees") know exactly what a doorbell just after dark means. Inside the house, there is a mad scramble as the booees race to be the first to throw open the front door and dash outside so they can peer into the darkness, shouting "I see you! I see you! I know who you are!" (even if they really have no idea).
The booers race home and burst inside, laughing and panting, while at the target house, the happy booees bring the bag inside, eat the candy, and post the spooky drawing in the front window so everyone knows they've been booed. If you get booed, you must pay it forward and boo someone else. Sometimes you get into booing wars with particular neighbors, and boo each other back and forth for days on end.

Then the moms and dads have to go out and buy more candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters, because all the candy they already bought for Halloween night has disappeared, handed out in boo bags.


Lynn said...

This is something new to me. I like it! It sounds like fun. We reverse trick or treat here. We live out of town and never get any visitors on Halloween. We go to town with some candy and pass it out to those we know as we walk around town trick or treating.

Glenda said...

Boo'ing sounds like so much fun!! Ding, dong, ditch, but in a way that's fun for everyone :).