Thursday, October 1, 2009


I picked up two finished cross stitch pieces from the framer yesterday: the Christmas Elf Fairy (the woman at the framers said it was their favorite piece they've done recently!), and this pattern by Shepherd's Bush, called On The Haunt. Except for the little tombstones, it's all backstitch, so it went together very quickly. I love that scritchety-looking tree with the moon hanging in the branches. The little buttons are a fun touch, although the placement of the witch puts her directly on top of the really cool wrought-iron gate post, which was one of my favorite features of the stitch design. Oh, well. I didn't have glass added to this one because I figure those little buttons will eventually tip off kilter, and it would drive me crazy not to be able to straighten them.

My lack of posting is indicative of the time I have been spending on house reorganization, as well as school things I have agreed to do this year. The cleaning is slow-going, but it feels right. I have cleaned shelves, drawers, and even rummaged through the contents of my cedar chest to remind myself of what I have squirreled away in there. Some clothes I was keeping strictly for sentimental reasons got the heave-ho. I was also thrilled to find a sweater I forgot I had kept! That definitely is going back into the wardrobe rotation.

I was most excited to find these doilies:

Pardon me for not pressing them first, but if I waited to do that before photographing them, it would be months! I stitched these when I was a child, probably 10 or 11, and gave one to each of my grandmas. I remember buying these at KMart. The designs were pre-printed on them. I smile now to see that I used all 6 plies of the embroidery thread, but it does make for a nice assertive stitch! The colors are so 70s. We have RED, BLUE, and GREEN, instead of something like cranberry, ocean, and moss. My grandmas died 13 and 9 years ago, and I couldn't remember what happened to these doilies. I had a vague idea they were at my mom's, but lo and behold, they were right there in my cedar chest, safe and sound. They are a little yellowed, but I'm not sure if I should wash them. That RED will run all over everything and turn it all pink. Any good ideas?


Glenda said...

How cute is the Halloween stitching?!!! I'm not a Halloween lover, but that is just adorable! I haven't done cross-stitching in over a decade, but that pattern looks like it would translate easily to embroidery.

The stitching you did at age 10 or 11 is fantastic! When I learned how to do embroidery (just a mere two years ago), I started off using 6 threads too ;-).

I've heard the sun will lighten things, and you wouldn't have to get it wet that way, but I don't know for sure if the sun will lighten the yellow spots enough. Is there any where on the backside of the doilies where you could snip a piece of the red floss, and then soak that in water to see if it does, in fact, bleed???

WifeMomChocoholic said...

I love the halloween one! I still haven't finished the easter cross-stitch I started when my leg was broken four years ago!

besomom said...

Glenda, that's a good idea about snipping a piece, because not only did I use 6 plies of thread, I also left nice long tails :) Thanks for the suggestion.

WifeMomChocoholic, I have plenty of abandoned projects myself. You probably can't pick up your project again with your current broken appendage, can you?

Glenda said...

Hope that works for ya :).

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the doilies. I love that blue bird!