Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Reads

Our basket of Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving books has been sitting out for a few weeks now. Even though my kids are getting older, we still enjoy the fun of picture books. Here are three of our favorites for this time of year.
The Ugly Pumpkin, by Dave Horowitz, is a clever take on the ugly duckling theme. This poor pumpkin just can't seem to fit in anywhere. The story takes us through the season as it moves past Halloween and onto Thanksgiving, ending with a surprise (and hilarious) revelation as the pumpkin discovers some truths about himself.
Ghosts in the House, by Kazuno Kohara, is strikingly drawn with three colors only: black, orange, and white. A little girl moves into a house with her cat, and discovers there are ghosts in her new home. What to do? The girl's solution is rather cozy and cute.

Finally, Mrs. McMurphy's Pumpkin, by Rick Walton, a gorgeously illustrated, slightly sinister story about a woman who lives alone on a farm and is taunted by a threatening pumpkin. Mrs. McMurphy isn't scared, though, and she decisively handles that creepy pumpkin.

What are some of your favorites for this season?

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