Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Things Friday #1: My Dining Room

I'm going to try posting a regular feature every Friday, titled Favorite Things Friday.

For my inaugural Favorite Things Friday post, I am featuring my dining room. This room has a gravitational pull on me. When we looked at this house for the very first time, I walked into the dining room and thought I have found my home. It's not a big room, nor is it fancy, and it suits me perfectly. One window faces south and one faces west, so it's bright and sunny. The floors are hardwood. It has crown molding, and a previous owner put a continuous shelf about 11 inches below the ceiling around three of the walls. This room won me completely me over.

The dining set belonged to my husband's grandmother. She passed away about 6 months before we bought our house. All of her furnishings were put into an estate auction, and we traveled 400 miles to the auction to bid against total strangers to get her dining set. My husband's grandparents were dairy farmers, so this is a true farmhouse dining room set. It almost completely fills our little dining room, but it looks like it was made for the space.Our kitchen has no eating area, so we eat in this room, at this table, for every single meal. The children do homework here. I fill out forms and pay the bills here. I use it as my sewing/crafting space, too. I tried setting up my sewing machine in other areas of the house, but I like this room and this table the best, even though it means I have to clear my mess away for lunch or dinner. I like the sunshine, and the big table, and the proximity to the kitchen so I can keep an eye on dinner while I try to finish up one last seam.

Twice we have done remodeling projects on our house, and both times the architects wanted to change the layout of my dining room. Both times I was aghast. Perhaps the modern thing to do is to have an open floor plan with "site lines", but I like my not-modern, many-roomed home with its tiny, cheery dining room.


Glenda said...

Very nice :). I love the shelf that is up near the ceiling. Love the table too -- that's so neat that you have your hubby's grandparents' table. And what fantastic light you get in there!

Floridamom said...

I love the way the light comes in the room. You captured it nicely.

BTW, the verification word is pukingoo. Really.

Lynn said...

I have always liked that high shelf. I too was aghast at some of the changes the "professionals" suggested for our house. We may as well have bought a new home if we wanted that layout. We bought the old home because we liked the character it had.