Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Ornaments: Handmade

The best ornaments are the homemade ones. This is just a small sampling of ornaments in our home that were made by me, or by the children.

Jingle bell wreath. I bought the bag of bells the day after Thanksgiving, thinking I'd fill a small glass bowl with them, but in the very next store I visited they had a sweet little jingle bell wreath that stole my heart, and I knew what to do with my new purchase! Felt ornaments, from a kit. I made these ages and ages ago, I think when I still lived in Minnesota.

Crocheted Korknisse! Who can resist a wine cork masquerading as a gnome? Not I.

Cross stitch stocking, new this year. Pattern by Blackbird Designs. (I just googled that name, to verify I had the name right because for some reason it didn't look right to me, and holy cow, they have a blog! How did I not know until now?)

Baby Jesus in a milkweed pod, made by my daughter in preschool.

Button snowman, strung on a pipe cleaner! You'd think one of the kids made this, but actually, I did!

Perler bead gingerbread man, made by son or daughter, can't remember which. They went through a short Perler phase and made a bazillion things, most of which I turned into Christmas ornaments, but there are so many that only a few make it onto the tree every year.

When my niece was in preschool twenty years ago, she made the loveliest angel ornament out of noodles and beads. The body was a rigatoni noodle, the head was a bead, the hair was alphabet pasta glued to the bead, the wings were one bowtie noodle, and the angel cradled a little candle made from a tack in her elbow noodle arms. The whole thing was spray painted in a metallic gold, and it was glorious. My niece brought it home and told my sister she made it for Aunt Tracy and no one else, so my sister let her give it to me! I never fully appreciated how generous my sister was by letting me have that angel until my own children started bringing their own glorious handmade things home from preschool. The gold noodle angel always had a special place of prominence on my tree, but I started to feel guilty about it. If my son or daughter had told me that their splendid one-of-a-kind creation was for someone else, I would have said "no, mommy is keeping this for herself." I'm greedy that way. Two years ago when I unpacked my niece's noodle angel, I didn't hang it on my tree. I took it back to my sister. It seemed only right, and my sister was glad to have it back. I do miss it, though! (updated December 26, 2011: I got a photo of the angel ornament! See it here)


Glenda said...

I love all of these!!

I have a thing for jingle bells -- our doorknob ones hang on the front and back door year-round :).

Very sweet of you to send the ornament to your sister.

When we start decorating the tree, we start with all the handmade ornaments, then fill in the gaps with purchased ones. I have much love for handmade ornaments!!

Make handmade said...

So cute ornaments! i love it very much.