Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Ornaments: Travel Memories

A lot of the ornaments on my tree are souvenirs from trips and vacations. We go "Up North" to northern Michigan every summer, so we had to have a cherry "Up North" ornament!

Some of the travel ornaments are obviously souvenirs, with the place name printed on them.

Sometimes the gift shops don't have ornaments. In those situations, I'll find a keychain to hang on the tree.

I don't always buy the souvenir ornament just to have the ornament. I have to like it to buy it.
There are many times when I'll see an ornament on a trip that has no obvious connection to the place we are visiting. I'll buy it anyway as a reminder, and write the date and place of purchase on the bottom. We got this colorful cat at an art gallery up north a few years ago.
I bought this frog at Biltmore in 1994.

This little snowman I purchased at a non-descript grocery store somewhere in Pennsylvania ages ago. My husband and I had road-tripped to New York one November to visit some friends, a spur-of-the-moment trip when we were much younger and childless and could do such things. On the long drive home, we stopped at a grocery store in search of a cheap dinner, and I saw this ornament. I wasn't yet purposely buying souvenir ornaments, so this snowman was the unintentional start to that collection. I'm so glad I got him, because now every year when I see him, I remember that otherwise forgettable stop somewhere in PA, and it makes me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Your ornament collection is great! They're so cute, especially that snowman. What a nice idea to collect tree ornaments from the places you visit. :)