Wednesday, December 16, 2009

German Ducks

My Christmas tree doesn't have a theme, unless you want to call it a Hodgepodge of Memories.
Every single ornament on my tree has a story or memory behind it. For the next few days I'll blog some of my ornaments.
These little duck charms were given to me by my friend, Lynn. She brought them to me from Germany. I thought they would make cute Christmas ornaments, so every year they go on my tree. I absolutely love them because they remind me of my childhood. My mother was born and raised in Germany, so there was a German influence to my childhood (even though my mother fully Americanized herself, and, sadly, I've never been to Germany myself).
This little hanky was given to me by a German relative when I was a child:
I don't think Lynn ever saw my hanky, so little did she know what a perfect gift the duck charms were for me! When she reads this, she'll know. Thanks, Lynn.


Lynn said...

Aw, that hankie is super cute! I had forgotten about those ornaments. When I saw the photo they immediately reminded me of our trip to Germany.

Glenda said...

Our trees never have themes either. My favorite ornaments are homemade ones :). My mom's tree has decades' and generations' worth of homemade ornaments -- I'm so glad she's never been a "themed-tree" person, because it's quite fun to look at ornaments we made as kids!!

I love the ducks and the hanky :).

Our neighbors are German. They've lived in the States for decades, but both still have fabulous German accents. I'd love for them to accompany us on a trip to Germany, but I think by the time we could ever afford that neither of them would be in good enough health to manage that kind of trip. But it's still fun to think about!


The Garden Bell said...

Hodgepodge is the best theme ever.