Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Christmess

It's December, and that means the decorating has begun. OY! I love it and dread it at the same time. How did I get so many boxes of Christmas things? The tree is up and most of the ornaments are on, thanks to the children's efforts, but I still need to get out all the little extras like stockings and candles and bingle balls and whofoo fluff.

That tree is even larger than it looks. Usually we put it more in a corner, but the kids wanted it in front of the window. It's HUGE. When you look in from outside, it looks like a mountain sprouted in the middle of the living room. We had to roll up the rug, and now I'm trying to figure out if it's even possible to unroll it.

I think I should stop reading blogs until January. Either I will find more holiday things I want to make (and as you can see from all those boxes, I really don't need any more holiday things), or I will find more recipes I want to try (how many dozens of cookies do we really need to eat?).

Happy December!


Glenda said...

Ha! I like the title of your post ;-).

I'm going to sort through our boxes of Christmas things as I put up the tree this year & take a bunch of decorations to Goodwill -- we have become more and more minimal with our doodads and knickknacks this year and our Christmas decorating will reflect that (she says with optimism!).

I bought a cookies-n-candies holiday baking booklet at the store yesterday . . . impuluse buying at its finest!! Will I make anything from it for Christmas? Eh, 50/50 chance ;-).

Glenda said...

ugh, impulse buying, not "impuluse"

Tricia said...

whofoo fluff??? whofoo fluff!

besomom said...

Glenda,good luck with the minimal! Most of my Christmas things are way too sentimental. A few years ago I got rid of some holiday rugs and runners, but otherwise just about everything has a story or memory attached, or else I've had it forever and feel disloyal getting rid of it. Christmas is when I let myself go crazy (in more ways than one!).

Tricia: yes, whofoo fluff. From The Grinch, of course. I have the "trim up the tree" song stuck in my head. All the stuff starts to feel like whofoo fluff after DAYS of trying to set it all out!

Lynn said...

I hear you about the holiday projects. Every time I finish something I find at least two more things for my list!