Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lame blog

I haven't been posting much lately, which frustrates me a bit because I would like to have a friendly, happy place for people to visit. Short posts that come few and far between don't make for a very enticing blog. I've been dealing with a health issue for the past few weeks, though. I've been uncomfortable and often in pain, and now as it turns out, I need surgery to make it better, which I found out today has been scheduled for Thursday! As in, two days from now! This gives me little time to prepare, but I am determined to get my linen, floss, needles, hooks, and yarn in order, as well as my stack of books and my Netflix queue to keep me busy while I recuperate. I can't rely on my husband to know what I need. I can see me trying to tell him what supplies I need: "No dear, not the knitting needles. The crochet hooks. What do you mean, what's the difference?"

Needless to say, I haven't tackled that basement of mine yet (and I am horrified to see that those three photos of my basement I posted on Flickr are in the top 6 of most viewed photos in my photostream. Why? Why?) Maybe in March, when I am hopefully feeling better.

I'm supposed to be home by Thursday night (even though I'll be having general anesthesia--they don't keep you for anything these days), but I have no idea how I'll be feeling. Chances are my convalescence won't be blog-worthy.

I leave you with heart-happy valentine photos, most of which I took last year, with the exception of the felted hearts. I started experimenting with felting crochet before I started feeling sick, but didn't get very far with them.

Hope to be back in this space soon. Meanwhile, I will continue to visit your blogs to brighten my days!