Wednesday, March 11, 2009

learning to embroider

After years of telling me that sewing and embroidery looked "boring", my daughter asked me out of the blue last week if I would teach her how to embroider. I told her NO. Just kidding. Really, I could barely contain my excitement when that unexpected request fell from her mouth. She asked me when we were in Michael's, dropping off my recuperation cross stitch for framing. She wanted to look at the craft kits while we there, and the embroidery kit caught her eye. I have everything she needs at home to embroider, but I totally understand the appeal of a flashy kit and having your own supplies, and since I had a coupon in my purse, and since she asked so nicely, and since I have been waiting for her to show some interest in any kind of needlework, I said YES! Yes, I will buy you the embroidery kit even though I know the scissors won't work and the floss will be sub par!

The kit actually isn't bad. It came with an instruction booklet, transfers, floss, felt, needles, fabric, a hoop, and scissors. The scissors really don't work, but I've already given her a decent pair to replace them.

Here is her first embroidery, ever. I could just scream with happiness.

And her second. She experimented with this one, trying to outline it in a running stitch, but when she didn't like how that looked, I told her to just do another running stitch all around to fill in the gaps. She enjoyed that solution.

We got a good chuckle out of this, because before she stitched on the eye my son (who is not the world's most supportive sibling) said "That's the worst-looking heart I've ever seen. It looks like a fish!" HA! It's supposed to be a fish. Joke's on him.
This third one was supposed to be a cloud, but I goofed up the transfer and the lines weren't very clear, so when she stitched the outline, she thought it resembled a paw print more than a cloud. Seizing upon that, she embellished the inside to make it into a true paw print.

And the final one, a star, which she drew on paper, then traced onto the felt using a sharpie. I need to research how to transfer an embroidery pattern onto felt. I think I saw a tutorial somewhere, but I read so much all the time, I can never remember where I saw things. Hopefully I bookmarked it. If anyone has any suggestions on good ways to get an embroidery pattern onto felt, I'd love it if you'd share.

Now every evening I hear "Mom, can I do some embroidering?" This is really just as good as the day when she realized she could read, and said to me with a dawning realization "Hey, I know. When I'm bored, I could find a book and read!" YES! YES! YES!