Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We had gorgeous weather for our long holiday weekend, so we got our gardens planted with no troubles at all. The new part of the herb garden looks a little spare right now, but it will fill in as things grow. I also planted some nasturtium seeds. I don't know if I'll actually eat it (I don't think I can bring myself to eat a flower), but they will look pretty when they bloom.
This columbine is currently in a pot in the herb garden, waiting patiently for me to put it in its permanent home, somewhere else in the yard.
We planted our vegetable plot in the community garden, too, mostly from seed, but we did buy tomato and pepper seedlings, and we're waiting on broccoli seedlings. Every nursery we visited or phoned over the weekend was out of broccoli, but they all said they should have some on Wednesday. Hmm. I guess a big broccoli seedling truck will be pulling into town today!

We had lovely sunshine all weekend long for planting, now today it has been raining, so I don't have to worry about walking over to water. Perfect.