Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blanket for Baby

My husband's cousin and his wife had their first baby last week. In the spring, when we learned they were expecting, I started to crochet this baby blanket for them. I had been wanting to try a ripple blanket, and this was the perfect reason to give it a go.

I worked on it in fits and starts, which is how I tend to approach big projects. I am all enthusiastic at the beginning, but when it takes a while to complete, other projects start to seduce me away. I knew I had 9 months, which seemed like a long time, and that didn't help my commitment to this project. Consequently, last week when we got news the baby was here, I was like "Oh, no! I haven't finished the blanket!" and a mad crocheting frenzy ensued.

I got the blanket pattern and the materials from Lion. It's their Child's Chevron Throw pattern, and I made it using their suggested colors, which I love. I never was much for pastels for babies, preferring bright, bold, and cheery colors. This worked up okay, but even though I swatched it first, it ended up wider than it is long. If I had more time (because, you know, 9 months isn't long enough for me to make a baby blanket!), I would have ordered more yarn in each color and made it a bit longer. I also would like to have the same color row at the top and bottom, but this is worked to the pattern exactly, and I had just enough yarn of each color to make it as you see it, so alas, I am calling it finished.

With all those color changes I had a lot of ends to weave in. Sigh. I am a bit worried that it will all come unraveled. I have that fear anytime I knit or crochet a gift. Please don't fall apart, I say to it as I clip the last bit of yarn away.

The baby is a boy. Hope the parents don't mind the lavender and azalea, but there is blue and green in there, too. This would have worked in my own son's nursery very well!