Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Death by Dumbbell

What is this? Photos of a ceiling fan and a dumbbell? Has the blogger lost her mind?


This morning I was working out with Ellen Barrett's Burn and Firm Pilates, thinking I should blog about how much I love Ellen Barrett, and then thinking nah, no one wants to hear about how I workout, when I lifted my dumbbell over my head and almost killed myself.

By weird and unfortunate positioning, when I put the dumbbell over my head, the pull chain on the ceiling fan somehow slipped between the handle and the weight itself, twisted around, and got stuck.

Here is the reenactment:

Aaaah. Fortunately I was only using 3 lb weights (you're not supposed to use more than 3 lb weights with this workout), but still, I think I could have done some serious damage to my skull had things gone really awry.

So here I am with my cautionary tale. Watch out for low flying ceiling fans when you are exercising.

Since I brought it up, I think I will take this moment to mention how much I enjoy Ellen Barrett's workouts. No one has asked me to mention her, and I have purchased her DVDs with my own money, so there is nothing to disclose about my endorsement. If you are looking for a new way to workout, or trying to ease into getting more exercise, consider checking her out. If you subscribe to Netflix, several of her workouts are available for instant viewing, including Burn and Firm Pilates, so you could check her out for "free".


Glenda said...


When we had a ceiling fan in our living room, I had several close calls when using the step & the dumbbells (let's just say it's a good thing I'm a shorty!).

Do y'all have a Wii? I've been using "My Fitness Coach" for the Wii and enjoy it more than anything I've used in quite a long time.

Leila said...

That could have been bad. Glad you're ok!

besomom said...

Glenda, we do have Wii. Santa brought it last year for Christmas. I did get My Fitness Coach for myself and tried it once, but the next day I was in the ER (not because of Fitness Coach!), and I ended up having surgery a week later, and I never went back to My Fitness Coach. I should give it another shot.

I bought Wii Fit Plus for us this Christmas, and I have really been enjoying that. It's not intense enough to replace my regular workouts, but it's fun additional exercise for me. I have been obsessed with beating the obstacle course!

Glenda said...

I'm just at the very basic "lose weight" level of My Fitness Coach. It's been sort of redundant because I'm opting to not use my step or dumbbells just yet, but at least it gets me moving!

We have Wii Fit Plus too and that's fun. I'm TERRIBLE at staying balanced on the balance board -- I mean, I'm able to keep my body balanced just fine, but on the games it appears I'm much less balanced. Therefore, I sucketh at things like avoiding the soccer balls (tho I'll admit it gets me belly-laughing when I keep dodging INTO the balls, not on purpose!!) and slalom skiing, but I love the ski jump and tightrope and a few other things. I've not tried the obstacle course yet. For me, it's definitely more "goofing around for fun" than "fitness".

Glenda said...

(Ugh, I meant the My Fitness Coach routines have been repetitive, not redundant.)

Kathy said...

Oh no! Glad it wasn't worse. I too have had a few close calls with the ceiling fan when working out.

Hui said...

lol : P
i m glad you are ok.
thanks for sharing! this post put a smile on my face!

Lynn said...

I have to admit that I have ZERO chance of this happening to me. My exercise routine is to walk to the mailbox, check the chicken barn for eggs, and knit.