Friday, January 29, 2010

The New Jell-o

My husband was going through some of his mother's files and found this little recipe booklet dated 1932. That predates my mother-in-law, so I am not sure how it was in her possession. Maybe she found it in her own mother's things and decided to keep it for the same reasons I am keeping it now: because it's a cool little piece of ephemera.

I am especially interested that these are recipes for a New Jell-O that is made with lukewarm water instead of boiling water. I wonder how long lukewarm-water-Jello was around and why it didn't last.

I admit I like a good fluff salad made with Jello powder, cottage cheese, cool whip, and fruit, so I am NOT poking fun of Jello recipes in a food snobby way, but some of the recipes in this booklet are so gross sounding that I can't imagine anyone ever making them. Like this one:

Cheese and pickles in Jello? Blech! I spotted another good one just now for Ham and Celery Loaf, which calls for ham, celery, and onions to be stirred in with Lime Jell-O and molded in a loaf pan. I don't even want to know what that looks like, let alone what it tastes like.

I doubt I'll ever "cook" from this recipe booklet, but it's fun to have.


The Garden Bell said...

The cheese and relish does sound pretty nasty. But, it a fun book to have.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Tricia said...

not just cheese and pickles in jello, but cheese and pickles in LIME jello! Eeuw.

For what it's worth, I just mixed up some Knox gelatin (for a printing project) and it uses a combo of cold and boiling warm. Does that qualify as lukewarm? Or is it more like room temp water that's used with that jello?

besomom said...

Tricia, it's made with lukewarm water. The book says specifically "no need to boil water!" Personally I would rather boil water because then I *know* it's the right temperature. Lukewarm is hard to judge.