Saturday, February 6, 2010


My valentine quilt is finished! I like it.

Last fall I posted about my autumn preparations for winter, and I am pleased to say that things are coming to fruition. My bulb growing has made us feel like spring can't be too far off. It makes such a difference in my mood to have green things growing in the house. The paperwhites are almost done, but now the tulips and the hyacinth are coming along nicely, which is making me very happy.

My valentine tree turned out exactly as I'd envisioned, with the exception of its location in the house. Originally I thought I'd put it on the console in the dining room, with the tulips and the paperwhites, but then I realized it would become cat-toy supreme, and I hate finding my things half-chewed in various corners of the house, so the tree found its home on the corner of our mantle, well out of reach of kitty paws.

The ornaments are a combination of things I've made and things I've purchased. I made the polka dot heart

The green polka dot heart is for my daughter, whose favorite color is green. The strawberry was an etsy purchase.

The baseball heart is in honor of my son.

I purchased this bird at a local boutique.

This bird is crocheted from an Attic 24 Lucy pattern.

Little things like this go a long way toward making me very happy indeed.

I am coming right along with my 365 Year-in-Pictures project. My goal for February is to post a photo of a heart every day. I am a self-confessed heart addict, and I think I have enough in my home to take 28 different photos. Some of my hearts are year-round decorations, while others come out only in February.

Edited to add: I have created a new set at Flickr, A Month of Hearts, to document my heart-a-day photograph challenge.


Taiya said...

I love all of the hearts, and your Valentine's quilt! I've never really been into Valentine's Day, but then almost 2 years ago my daughter was born on Valentine's Day... so now i really get into the decorations!

Leila said...

That quilt is beautiful!

Love the decorations.

Glenda said...

So much Valentine-y goodness :).

That quilt is just fabulous. I can't tell, is it wall-hanging size or bed-size?

besomom said...

Thanks, everyone!

Taiya, my grandma's birthday was Feb. 14, and I have two friends who had their daughters on Feb 14. It's a sweet day for a birthday. Happy almost-birthday to your little girl!

Glenda, the quilt is a wall hanging, about 20 inches square. I've never made a bed-sized quilt. Crib sized is the biggest I've ever gone.

driftwood said...

the heart of months sounds like such a fun challenge xx

Glenda said...

So many Valentine's Day birthdays!! My dad is a Valentine's baby. The really neat thing is that his sister is a Christmas-Day baby, and their mom was a Christmas-Eve baby :). Their dad's bday was in November and sometimes it would fall on Thanksgiving. They were quite the holiday-themed bunch ^-^.

Isabelle said...

So pretty!

I love little bloggy glimpses into people's homes.