Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

No green beer here, nor corned beef, nor cabbage. Just a four leaf clover shirt, a rainbow fruit salad,

some Irish Soda Bread

potato stew (not pictured), and green crocs to give the day its due.

I supposedly have Irish heritage. My paternal grandfather's mother's maiden name was Calhoun, but I have no idea where she was born. I do have red hair, so I've always felt Irish. Isn't everyone Irish on St. Patrick's Day?
I don't own any green clothes. Every year on St. Patrick's Day I am so surprised I have nothing green to wear. It was very warm here today, so I peeked through my t-shirts (which are still put away in the "out of season" dresser) and pulled out one I thought could pass for green. My crazy-about-the-color-green daughter informed me very authoritatively "that's not green mom. It's Robin's Egg blue." Oh well, I tried.


Glenda said...

I never seem to have a green shirt around either! Ironically, my backyard shoes are green Crocs so those saved me from a pinch when we were outback earlier today . . . but kiddo still managed to get me when we were indoors (I'm a barefoot-inside-the-house gal).

No Irish food here today either, tho hubby did drink an Irish beer :).

Tricia said...

I don't see how you could confuse robin's egg blue for green. Maybe it was a sea mist or a teal or something? :^)

Like your daughter, green is one of my favorite colors so I had quite a few choices! (although the most ideal shirt for the weather had been worn the day before, since I forgot it was almost st patrick's day)

floridamom said...

I never seem to have anything green to wear either. I did make corned beef and cabbage though.

Stephanie said...

That rainbow fruit salad is beautiful! What a nice idea.
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