Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunny Bunny

This little pocket-sized bunny was in my Easter basket when I was 7 years old. He doesn't look like much, but I was quite taken with him, probably because he was so small. I named him Sunny, because he is yellow, and I have very clear memories of taking him to my grandparents' house for Easter dinner that day. I had just learned how to make pinwheels out of paper, so I made a pinwheel and stuck it with a pin into the eraser end of a pencil, and I flew Sunny all over the house on his pinwheel pencil airplane.

I kept Sunny all these years. Now he's stored with the Easter decorations, so he makes an appearance once a year. For some inexplicable reason, both of my children took a shine to him a few years ago, and they played with him constantly. They called him The Chocolate Bunny (even after I told them his name was Sunny!), and they made up all kinds of games starring him. What is it about this little bunny that inspires such attention and devotion?

I packed up the Easter decorations today and put it all away (including Sunny the Chocolate Bunny). I always heave a little sigh of relief when the Easter stuff goes away, because summer is my glorious reprieve from seasonal decorating. From October to April it's a steady decorate/redecorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentine's Day, Easter. I love it, but the process can make me weary sometimes. Cheers to no holiday decorating until October!

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Tricia said...

You mean you don't have any 4th of July decorations? Get working on some! :^)

I think it's the bunny's teeth that makes it so appealing.