Thursday, May 13, 2010


I took this photo on April 25. I haven't taken a photo since then! I think my participation in YIP 2010 is now officially considered a failure.

I haven't had enthusiasm for much of anything lately. I'm not depressed, so I don't know what this is, exactly. I have been doing what needs to get done (and there's alway so much that needs to get done), but not much else. I haven't been stitching or experimenting in the kitchen or taking photos. I'm in an ebb. I am pretty sure my life has always been filled with ebbs and flows, but since I started a blog with the intent to blog the flow times, I notice the ebbs more, because the ebbs mean I have nothing to say here!

It will pass. The flow will come again.

It has been very rainy and chilly here this week. The photo above is a fair representation of the current weather, but not the state of the garden. The bursts of color are gone, so it's mostly just green out there right now, a very pretty, fresh green.

I bought all the seeds for my vegetable garden, but haven't planted yet. Even though we had a very early, warm, dry spring, I know all about the Cold Sophie, so I wait until mid-May has passed, and then I know it's safe to start my garden. And sure enough, even though we had all that lovely warm, dry weather, the Cold Sophie has indeed descended on us this week, pretty much right on schedule. Now I just hope she remembers to leave.

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Glenda said...

I've noticed my ebbs and flows more since starting my crafting blog, too. I've tried different things to keep my blog from getting too dusty during the ebbs (including photo assignments), but finally, only recently, accepted that I'm okay with it gathering dust.

I've had those times when I've commented to my husband that I don't feel like doing anything more than what has to be done. Like you, I didn't feel it was depression. It was simply a need, IMO, to be okay with stillness and quietness within myself. Those times are when I do a lot of movie watching and reading :).

What veggies will you be growing this year??