Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick cross stitch

I have a new laptop, and it is huge. I'm not sure I like it, but I am not going to complain. It is still not plugged into a surge protector, because we don't learn from our mistakes around here. We've had a ton of severe weather, and most days we find ourselves in a panicked dash to quick! quick! unplug the laptop! every time we see lightning. It would definitely be smarter just to buy a surge protector, now, wouldn't it?

I felt a very strong urge to do a quick cross stitch project, something appropriate for summer, and Tiny Flag, by Shepherd's Bush, fit the bill. I stitched this up in 2 nights. I really like the American flag motif in quilting and cross stitch, as evidenced in this post.

My daughter has a friend over, and right now, as I type, they have set up a project on the dining room table involving paint. Ack! I must go discreetly supervise. Such is summer vacation.

edited to add: Glitter was also involved. Oy.


Glenda said...

Cute cross-stitch :).

Congrats on the new laptop!! I don't keep mine on a surge protector either, but when we're away from home or when it gets stormy then I make sure it's unplugged. We do keep the tv's and game systems on surge protectors & go around flipping those off when it gets rumbly outside!

Floridamom said...

Your cross stitch posts always make me want to get out my stuff and start cross stitching again. I have so many other projects going though, and never get around to it. We all have laptops (3) and keep each of them plugged into an ups (?). Daily summer thunderstorms in Florida make it necessary.