Thursday, July 8, 2010

Repeating Myself

We have returned from our annual trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes, and had a marvelous time! My son is periodically displaying signs of teenage ennui (even though he won't be a teenager for another 6 weeks or s0), but we were all enthusiastic about this vacation.

We have our Up North traditions (which now includes my son insisting that Up cannot describe North, because North is a direction, not an elevation. Love that kid!), but we also try new things, too, like giant chess:

We watched the Glen Arbor 4th of July Parade. There is a 4th of July Parade where I live, too, but around here it's not really cool to be patriotic or act like you care that it's the 4th. In Glen Arbor a lot of people were wearing red, white, and blue, and the grocery store was playing playing patriotic music. It reminded me of the 4th when I was a kid.The parade featured not one, but two, sewage pumping trucks. Pit toilets abound in the national lakeshore. In fact, some beaches that used to have flush toilets removed them and put in pit toilets! All those pit toilets need to be pumped sooner or later.

This beach front home/property is for sale. I'm sure it's way out of my price range.

We spent a few hours in Leland and its historic Fishtown.

It was a misty, drizzly day, but we didn't mind.

We always buy cherries at this fruit stand near Empire.

We took our kayak and rented another for a family paddle on the Crystal River. The mosquitoes were thick!

We saw several gorgeous sunsets.

One evening the rays were visible long after the sun dipped below the horizon.

I want to go back!

See more photos in this Flickr set.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a really nice time :).

You took some FABULOUS pictures!! I especially love the bird on the post with the fog (or mist?) in the background and the sunset pictures.


besomom said...

Thanks, Glenda. It's easy to get good photos when the subject matter is so fabulous!

Tricia said...

The elevation on Sleeping Bear Dunes is probably higher than the elevation at home (even if you all do live near the high point in town), so take that Up North. :^)

Tricia said...

Oh look! I was reading this for another reason, when I found a phrase that applies to "up north" ["down south" in the example]:

Lynn said...

I wonder what it is about parades on the 4th up north. M and I were on Beaver Island for the fourth one year. There was quite a parade and there were so many people there I didn't know where they all came from. As soon as the parade was over everyone disappeared and the island seemed deserted again.