Monday, July 19, 2010

Vintage Fisher Price Cuteness

I love all of the vintage Fisher Price toys, but this one is my favorite. When I was little, we had the garage and the school house, and for a short time the houseboat (until my sister lost most of the pieces in a lake while we were on vacation. I'm still not over that!). This castle was not mine, but belonged to my niece and nephew, and when my son was born, the castle came to live with us. Yay!

My son adored this castle, and played with it all the time. It was on permanent display on our living room floor.

The royal family perpetually feasts on steak.

The knight (oh, my! the knight! he is so precious!) guards the royal family carefully.

My husband and I could never decide if this guy was an archer or a coachman, but as the play set lacks a bow and arrow, but does have a carriage, a coachman he became.

A lovely pink, friendly dragon frolics in the keep.

Here is the whole crew together.

I'm going to return the set to my sister, so I had to take photos, just to remember.


Glenda said...

Oh, man, that is SO cool. I miss having those kind of toys around! Totally loving the pink dragon :).

bookwormbethie said...

oh swoon for that knight and horsie! by the way, saw the post (a bit belatedly) about your son, i'm not a mom yet, but i can't even imagine how terrifying and sickening it much have been to watch him get hurt! i sure hope he is a-okay!