Thursday, October 14, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

I have slowly been putting out the Halloween decorations here. My house has bits of orange everywhere now, and even though orange is not present in any of my everyday decor, the hue somehow fits right in! I like looking around and seeing the warming glow of orange inside to match the flaming trees outside.

The above cross stitch is a new one I completed a few days ago. The pattern, called Boo Thyme, is a freebie from here, but I absolutely loved the dot frame she featured, and when I realized I could purchase a kit with the frame, the fabric, and the pumpkin charm, I went for it. In fact, I went for two, and made up one for my niece as well, who recently moved out of her parents' house and is having a ball decorating her new digs.

I originally spotted Boo Thyme on Karen's blog, here. I love how she finished the project. I love all her finishes. If you are a cross stitch fan, spend some time on Karen's blog and marvel over her skilled needlework.

I made the above wall-hanging a year or two ago. I spotted those cute Halloween-themed patches at the fabric store and couldn't resist. I appliqued them to black fabric squares and finished them off into a little quilt.

My daughter made the mobile at school last year. The mother of one of her classmates came up with the idea, which I thought was brilliant. They were so simple and fun, and turned out so cute! The children wrapped orange and black yarn around sticks, and then crafted spiders, ghosts, and bats to hang from the stick. My daughter didn't make a bat, but I believe they were just bat-shaped silhouettes cut out of black foam. The spiders were made with orange pipe cleaners wrapped in black eyelash yarn, and I supplied the ghost materials (6-inch squares of white fabric cut with pinking shears, polyester fiber fill, white thread, fishing line, and a sharpie! Read a bit more about how to make the ghosts here).

This last decoration is a bit of a cheat, since I bought it from Anthropologie when it went on sale a few years ago. It only looks homemade.

You can see some of my other Halloween things in this Flickr set.

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KarenV said...

Your Halloween decorations look great! Thanks for the plug :) I'm glad you enjoy seeing what I stitch.