Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretzels und Steins

Hello! I left you hanging at the entrance to Yellowstone, and I do apologize for that. Real life has been interrupting my blogging. Pesky real life.

We're not going to talk about Yellowstone just yet. Instead, I will show you this:
Isn't that a hoot? My husband had a business trip to Munich, which coincided with Oktoberfest. I begged him to bring me back an honest-to-goodness Oktoberfest souvenir. He is not a good shopper, so I felt compelled to nag him about it. He was not very reassuring. He said he didn't think he'd want to be burdened with packages. I said "I'm not asking for a cuckoo clock! Bring me a necklace or a scarf! Something that fits in your pocket!" (My mom had told me they sell edelweiss necklaces at Oktoberfest, as well as scarves with edelweiss embroidered on them. ) I was seriously thinking he'd bring me home nothing but excuses, but he came through! He actually came through! I got the above neck-kerchief printed with all kinds of Bavarian motifs, and strung with a giant pretzel. He said "everyone" was walking around wearing these. I asked him "everyone, as in the locals, or everyone, as in the drunk tourists?" He didn't have an answer for that. I am trying to figure out how to style this, and wondering if I'll ever be brave enough to wear it out of the house. I think it's awesome, but do I want to be stared at?

He brought my mom a beer stein. I adore the design! It looks like paper doll clothes! Fun! He brought this back for our daughter:

My son got a t-shirt and a keychain, and we each got one heart-shaped chocolate from his favorite part of the trip, a visit to an island in the Chiemsee.

It's nice to have him home again.


Glenda said...

Cute!!! Yay for your hubby scoring souvenirs. Did he take advantage of Oktoberfest and try a nice variety of beer? My hubby would be in hog heaven if he was in Germany during Oktoberfest!

besomom said...

You know, I didn't ask him how the beer was! He didn't get to spend that much time there, because he did have to work. I think he was there for 2-3 hours one evening, but all the official tents were full (and had been since 11:00 a.m.!), so he bought his food and drink from the street vendors. He did say the whole scene was pretty overwhelming, and the so-called tents are actually large temporary structures the size of airplane hangars, some of them sporting balconies and second-floor seating.