Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Crocheted Scarves

I kept my hands busy on our 4,500 mile journey. Nothing like long hours in the car to get a few back-logged crochet projects stitched up! When I wasn't staring in awe out the window, I crocheted.

The pattern for the first scarf is from Ella Rae: Island Holiday (Book 18). The book is Australian, but I stumbled on it at a local needlework shop. They had this scarf on display, and I loved it.

The cowl pattern is the Cardiff Cowl from Lion Brand Yarn, available free on their website. I made it using their recommended alpaca, which was really easy to work with.

The neckwarmer pictured below is from the Flower Warmers pattern by Lisa Gentry, available on Ravelry.

I didn't make the crocheted flower embellishments because I wanted something simple, but I did use rhinestone flower-shaped buttons for closures! They may be a bit too small, though, so I'm thinking a retro stick pin may be in my future. I wonder if I still have mine from the 70s? I should go look.

I love cozying up in scarves this time of year. It hasn't really been cold yet, which is weird, but I know it's coming, and when it does, I can keep the heating bill down by fighting off the chill with one of my new neckwarmers!

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Isabelle said...

I enjoyed your big tour. Great photos.