Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Past

We had a Merry Christmas here, and hope you did, too. The kids are happily busy getting acquainted with their new things. We had dry roads for our long drive to and from my parents' house, where we gathered for the holiday with my whole family, including my newly-engaged niece. She was the flower girl in my wedding, so I really can't understand how she is old enough to be getting married!
Pictured is a quilt I made for my mom a long, long time ago, when I worked part-time and didn't have children yet (and when my niece was still a little girl). I would not have the time or the patience to make this now. Even back then it tested my patience. The machine appliqueing was fussier than I expected, and it started to drive me crazy! But the end result was worth it. I used some busy prints in this, didn't I? It's not easy on the eyes, but I think the overall effect is joyful and jolly.

I have blogged before about when I first got my sewing machine. The final push to me buying a machine was when I saw a pattern for a little felt bunny family that lived in a carrot-shaped purse. The bunnies could be made by hand, but the sewing for the carrot purse required a machine. I wanted to make that bunny family for my niece so badly, and they would not be complete without that carrot, so I said That's it, I'm getting a machine. I made the bunny family for my niece for Christmas that year, and the following year I made my mom this quilt, plus an advent quilt for myself and a second one for my sister (mom to my niece). It's nice to see some of my early hard work on display every year.


Julie Smith said...

I think this is adorable and, in fact, quite easy on the eyes!

Glenda said...

I love the Santa quilt, and I think it's really cool that it's displayed every year =).

My stepson and my brother's stepson are both old enough now to be married (tho neither of them are yet) -- it seems so wrong for them to already be the ages they are!

Tricia said...

I'm pretty sure my flower girl is already a mom - I know her brother (the ring bearer) is.