Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow days

We had our first snowstorm over the weekend, and school was closed yesterday. Yay, snowday! The kids and I ate our breakfast while we watched the movie Elf. I hadn't seen it in a few years, so it hasn't gotten old for me yet. What makes me laugh hardest is the fact that Will Ferrell is willing to walk around NYC in that get up!

In this season of short daylight, I fully appreciate a bright and sunny day, and when the sun comes after a snow fall, it's blindingly beautiful. This morning when the sun came up, the gel gems my daughter put in the dining room window really lit up. You have to appreciate the unique beauty of a winter's day. Yesterday I brought out the Christmas picture books and put them near our tree. One of my favorite books to look at is Christmas Trolls, by Jan Brett. The illustrations are so gorgeous and detailed. I would love to have such color and coziness in my home. Just look at that tree!
As I examined every detail in the book last evening, I started to realize that my own Christmas tree actually does look like the one in the book.

Now, does anyone know where I can find an anorak, boots, and mittens like these?
Because I would totally wear all of that.


Lynn said...

I am impressed that you got out and made a snowman. I thought the wind made it WAY too cold.

You can knit mittens like those in the book. I'll teach you!

Tricia said...

The unique beauty we get on our windows is ice crystal formations - brrrrr. But they do look lovely in the early morning light.

besomom said...

Lynn, the snowman was made during the storm on Sunday when it was still 33 degrees outside, and I had absolutely no hand in it! In fact, I was in the shower when they came stomping in looking for a carrot, so I didn't even help with that! Oh, and if you think *I* can knit mittens like those in the book, you are vastly overestimating my knitting abilities!

Tricia, appreciate those ice crystals!! I'll bet they are stunning.

Glenda said...

"Elf" is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Will Farrell is funny, as usual, but he pulls off the innocence of the character fantastically. And you've gotta love Bob Newhart & Ed Asner!

I love your Christmas tree =). Love the topper, especially.

Jan Brett's illustrations are incredible in all her books. So much detail.