Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowflake Scarf

Presenting my Granny Snowflake Scarf!
I got the idea for a crocheted snowflake scarf when Lucy at Attic 24 posted about her Granny Stars. The pattern she used (and I modified only slightly) is here. I figured one extra point in the Granny would give me a 6-point snowflake instead of a 5-point star, so I modified the pattern simply by making the ring one chain longer and adding one extra group of double crochets (for a total of 6 instead of 5) into the first round. As Lucy would say, Ta Da!

My scarf is crocheted with one 50g ball of Rowan Cashcotton DK 600 in white, using a G hook. I got 10 snowflakes out of one ball. I left long tails when I finished each off so I could sew them together.

This reminds me of my flower scarf (not blogged, but pictured here), but the snowflakes went together much faster.
I think the points are going to curl a lot in this scarf, but it's still lacy and snuggly, and I love it!