Monday, January 25, 2010

winter doldrums

This is such a yuck time of year for me. The holidays are over, someone is always home sick, there are too many 3-day weekends... I like having my children home, but these 3-day weekends just kill routine and structure, and I feel like I never get into a good groove because the groove is always being interrupted. Is it spring yet? I need spring.

Oh, well, enough complaining. As evidenced by the photo above, I am making a scrappy heart quilt, which is making me immensely happy. I'm done piecing now, and on to the quilting part. I am so attracted to the heart motif. I try to resist it because I think it may be too cutesy or country or unsophisticated, but then I say to heck with all that. If I like hearts, I like hearts, and if they make me happy, I'm going to have them around.

The opposite of cutesy heart quilts would be a murder scene depicted in Lego.

My son has to make a book jacket for Murder on the Orient Express for a school project, including an illustration of a scene from the book. Instead of drawing, he chose to create a scene with Lego and take a photo of it. It's always nice when he is enthusiastic about homework, and I like how he figured out a way to do his homework and play with Lego at the same time! That's what it's all about.