Friday, January 29, 2010

The New Jell-o

My husband was going through some of his mother's files and found this little recipe booklet dated 1932. That predates my mother-in-law, so I am not sure how it was in her possession. Maybe she found it in her own mother's things and decided to keep it for the same reasons I am keeping it now: because it's a cool little piece of ephemera.

I am especially interested that these are recipes for a New Jell-O that is made with lukewarm water instead of boiling water. I wonder how long lukewarm-water-Jello was around and why it didn't last.

I admit I like a good fluff salad made with Jello powder, cottage cheese, cool whip, and fruit, so I am NOT poking fun of Jello recipes in a food snobby way, but some of the recipes in this booklet are so gross sounding that I can't imagine anyone ever making them. Like this one:

Cheese and pickles in Jello? Blech! I spotted another good one just now for Ham and Celery Loaf, which calls for ham, celery, and onions to be stirred in with Lime Jell-O and molded in a loaf pan. I don't even want to know what that looks like, let alone what it tastes like.

I doubt I'll ever "cook" from this recipe booklet, but it's fun to have.