Friday, March 26, 2010

Other Worldly

My daughter's 10th birthday is rapidly approaching. Ten is quite a milestone. I keep thinking she should only be 7.

For one reason or another she hasn't had a birthday party with her friends since first grade, so when she asked to have a party this year, I agreed to make it happen.

We couldn't agree on what kind of party, though. She wanted to do something at home. My home is not really laid out well for entertaining, so I told her we'd have to keep it small and simple. Any suggestions I had (terrariums! fairy gardens!) were met with her "yuck face."

After she poo-poo'd all my ideas, we started brainstorming parties outside the home. Bowling? No. Paint-your-own ceramics? No. Art center? No.

What does this child want??

Finally I struck upon the idea of Laser Tag, and at long last, her face lit up. Bingo! She had never played laser tag, but she thought it sounded fun.

I confess, I never thought I'd have a party where I would encourage children to shoot at each other, and I sort of wondered if the other parents would object, but everyone was so excited!

We had so much fun!

Our group got two fifteen minute games. For the first game my husband and I were all mature, with a "nah, you kids go ahead." It was mighty cute, seeing all the girls clustered under the black lights to listen to instructions. When the ref asked who wanted to be on the birthday girl's team, every single hand shot into the air with screams of "me! me! me!"

We watched them all racing around, dodging, pointing, shooting, screaming, laughing. Hmmm. After a break for pizza and drinks, our group headed back in for the second game, and my husband and I suited up faster than the kids did! I seemed to make a nice big target for all those children to shoot at. Sneaky little devils.

Too bad it's so dang expensive, or we'd go back all the time!