Monday, May 24, 2010


Baseball season has been going great. My son's team hasn't been winning very many games, but every practice is an excellent learning experience, every game is a new chance, and my son's skills are maturing. He has been loving it.

And then Saturday happened. Saturday, when my son was pitching, and took a line drive right in his face. I saw the whole thing happen, and it still makes me sick to see it play in my mind.

We spent the afternoon in the ER. He has two fractures in his cheek bone, and one heck of a shiner. Saturday was miserable. Now he looks worse than he feels, and let me promise you, he looks much worse in person than the photo shows. All the nuances of the bruises and swelling aren't captured in the photo. (Proceed to the photo at your own risk, it's very gruesome.)

He was fortunate to avoid worst case scenarios. His eyes, nose, and teeth are fine. If he had to get hit in the face, he got hit in the right place. He returns to the doctor next week. Until then, no playing his saxophone, no blowing his nose, no running, and no baseball. I'm guessing the no baseball thing will extend well past next week.