Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blackwork Sampler

I recently completed this Blackwork Sampler to give to a friend as a housewarming gift. The pattern is from Alicia Paulson's new book Embroidery Companion. The pattern in the book is made of 9 different squares, but I wanted something smaller, so I only did four squares. It was a bit trickier to modify it than I first thought it would be, because the squares in the original pattern are not all the same size. They vary by one or two stitches in both directions in each row and column. Fortunately I have enough experience stitching that I checked all that before I started, which saved me lots of heartache later!
I like how this is traditional and modern at the same time.
I am really enjoying Embroidery Companion, and am eager to do several projects, particularly the eyelet sampler.