Friday, November 19, 2010

A Hodgepodge Post

Here is a little something I worked on recently. The design is from an old Tom Pudding pattern I found free online in 2004. Good thing I printed it out then (and didn't lose the printout!) because it doesn't seem to be available any more, but they have other free patterns here. I may have to do something with that snowflake design. (Edited Feb. 13, 2011: The pattern is available on their new blog now! Hooray! Go here.)
This is stitched on 14 ct. aida with DMC 600, two strands for the outline, one strand for the design. The finished design area is about 2 inches by 2 inches.

I had a handmade ornament inspiration the other day which required red gingham fabric. No problem, I thought, as I headed to my stash. Would you believe I had NO red gingham in my 20-year-in-the-making fabric stash? NONE. I was shocked. Time for a fabric store run.

I am doing little things for Christmas this year, mostly cross stitch stuff, but I may try to knit these tree sachets from a couple years ago. Unfortunately, my left hand has begun to ache like crazy lately when I try to stitch, knit, or crochet. I wear a therapeutic glove while I work, but it doesn't seem to help much. My mom's hands were crippled by arthritis when she was in her 60s, so I am a little fearful. I am not ready to give up stitching. What will I do if I can't stitch???? I spend the time I am not stitching massaging my hand and fretting.

Yesterday I had my volunteer shift in the elementary school library. Two boys came rushing in, breathless, waving a piece of paper at me. "We need to find the definition for this word!" they panted. I said "Sure, go ahead." I expected them to rush to a computer and go online, but to my surprise they headed straight for the Big Dictionary. I was actually very touched to see them wrestling it off the bookshelf, and gratified to see that they knew how to use it. The word they were looking for was "runcible." They found "runcible spoon", and scribbled down the definition (which sounded an awful lot like the description for a spork!). Last evening on a whim I googled runcible spoon, and this is what I found. Hmmm. Now I want to go back to that dictionary in the school library and see if it mentioned that it's really a made-up thing! I feel a little sad that the dictionary may not have the full story.

And from the department of totally random: news of Prince William's engagement reminded me of the day he was born. I was a teenager at the time, so I spent a lot of time in my bedroom listening to the radio. That day the dj mentioned that Diana was in labor, which I thought was newsworthy, so I opened up my bedroom door and shouted out to the household at large "Hey! Princess Di's in labor!" My dad misunderstood this as "princess dies in labor". Much hilarity ensued.