Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alphabet Girl

I completed the stitching on this embroidery a while ago, but haven't finished into anything yet. I need to concentrate on finishing this and some other languishing embroideries!

This was fun to stitch, but I had a really hard time getting her facial features and hair to my liking. I got the pattern last winter from Follow the White Bunny (here), but this pattern no longer seems to be available.
Thanks for the feedback on the frames! Your votes were a pretty even split! I ended up sending the heart in the black frame to my newly-engaged niece for a little surprise. My daughter preferred the gold frame, so I kept that one for us. I think the opening in both frames is 2 inches by 3 inches, so either heart is one of those fun little things you can set anywhere. That's my favorite kind of decorating, to have random bits of whimsy here and there. I try to stop before the look crosses the line to cluttered. This is why I am forever swapping decorations out for the seasons. I can't stop making things, so I need to rotate my stuff. My husband says museums don't display everything at once, so I don't need to, either. Ha.


Lynn said...

I think I have definitely crossed the "cluttered" line. Museums have HUGE storage facilities! That's what I need.

besomom said...

What do you call that barn?? I wish I had your barn!