Monday, February 28, 2011

Break from the Cold

My parents spend their winters in Florida, and this year, we decided to join them for a week. Tennis anyone?
They stay in the panhandle of Florida, so it's not the warmest part of the state, but we had excellent weather while we were there, the warmest days they've had in those parts this winter.

All but one day were sunny and bright, warm enough for shorts, and nicely humid, which felt wonderful to my poor dessicated northern winter skin.

Even though we had lots of sunshine and bright clear skies, I have more photos of the cloudy, windy day, because I like how dramatic the beach looks in such conditions.

This was a science museum, which looked intriguing, but we didn't go because we wanted to be outside!

Ocean beaches (technically, the Gulf of Mexico here) have much different debris than we find on the shores of the Great Lakes. We saw lots of small jelly fish, and this huge one:

My daughter was shell-hunting instead of rock-hunting, and instead of a Rock Shop, we stopped at a Shell Shop!

We don't see pelicans on Great Lakes beaches.

A heart-shaped impression in the sand.

Ocean beach still-life:

We drove there and back. This next photo is for you Glee fans:

Trivia: my paternal grandfather was born in Lima, Ohio!

We arrived home to find that my daughter's friend, who had been feeding our cats, left us with a surprise treat to welcome us home to the Cold North. Snowman cupcakes! What a sweet treat!

This is the first time in 8 years that I've gone someplace warm in the middle of winter. It was a nice break, but now I think spring is going to seem even farther away than it usually does.


mary d. said...

The snowpeople took a tumble inside their container on the way to your house, and their creator is still very unhappy about how they looked once there. The green frosting's imprints were especially distressing to her.

She is very pleased to know that they made it onto your blog, though!

I love the photos of your hearts! What a great thing to have an irresistible urge to make and collect! I think your seasonal collection of them was just right decorating your house. I enjoyed them while the cats were being tended to!

besomom said...

Mary, I could tell she spent a lot of time making them, and even though they got knocked around a little bit, they were still upright, adorable, and delicious!!

Glenda said...

Gorgeous pictures, Tracy. I don't like being at the beach, but I do love looking at pictures of the beach =). I'm glad y'all were able to enjoy some warm weather in admist all the snow you've been having, even if you had to make a trip to Florida to find it!