Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 1 Yard--Finally, some signs of life!

Things are very slowly getting underway in the yard.

Hooray! I was happy to see the crocuses emerge. They were so much later coming up than most of my neighbors' crocuses. I found a big clump of crocus bulbs on my sidewalk back in October (courtesy of a busy squirrel), which I didn't bother to replant, so when my neighbors had crocuses a few weeks ago while I had none, I assumed mine had all been dug up!

Spring is off to a slow start in general around here. We had one warm day in the middle of March, but other than that, it's been cold and gloomy, and winter starts to feel endless. The signs of life in the yard are giving me hope that it just might eventually get warm!


Tricia said...

oh good, i've been waiting for those April 1st yard photos! :^)

Julie Smith said...

I think the flowers are a little behind schedule here, too. It has been such a cold and dreary winter. I love seeing little shoots coming out of the ground finally!

Glenda said...

Yay, no snow!!

Our peonies are blooming already -- shocked me and my hubby, both, when we saw all the buds and blooms!

Tricia said...

i've decided that my siberian iris (the little ones that bloom early) were either dug up by small mammals, or lived out their natural lives, because they are not coming up this year. :^( I guess I'll have to plant some new ones in the fall! on the other hand, scilla have naturalized my front garden-like space. Ahh, scilla - my first introduction to Michigan spring time yards and still a sentimental favorite :^)