Friday, April 1, 2011

They're ba-aaack!

Last night after dinner my husband and children were noticeably quiet. I know what it means when they are behind closed doors on the eve of April Fool's Day. When they came out chuckling and looking smug, I asked the kids "Why don't you ever plot to trick Dad?" My daughter answered, "Because he doesn't scream."

Oh, man, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I proceeded with caution. First thing I noticed was that the laptop lid was closed. It is never closed. A-ha! I opened it very slowly.

Whew. Got through that one. My son had already left for school, but my daughter was waiting for breakfast. I opened the cupboard door, truly expecting to find this:

The next one did startle me a bit:
But I didn't scream. Go, me!

Some of the blinds were still closed, which was a big clue, so when I opened them, I wasn't surprised by this:
But it does give me the creeps. I mean, just look at it!
Okay, I hadn't been too surprised by anything yet. I still hadn't screamed. However, my confidence was not growing because I knew, I just knew, something diabolical was waiting for me somewhere in the house. Last year they got me with the toilet lid. I still hadn't been to the bathroom, and by now I needed to go, so I crept ahead cautiously. Closet? All clear. Mirror? Nothing. Toilet lid? Blank.

I stood in the middle of the bathroom and turned a slow circle.


It was in the shower!!!!!!
Dang, they're good.

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Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about the ostrich April Fool's tradition, Tracy!! Your family is too funny ;-).

That one on the window looks SO realistic! The one sticking out of the shower is genius (good thing that didn't put it on the inside of the shower curtain, to surprise you when you got in to take a shower -- talk about breaking your neck to get away from something!).