Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm not really a royal follower

I'm not really a royal follower, but I am a bit of an Anglophile. Actually, I think most people who read a lot are Anglophiles, whether they realize it or not, simply because so many fabulous books are written by British authors and set in Britain. The culture sort of soaks into our brains, as if by osmosis. I swear I lived a past life in Regency England (though hopefully not as a scullery maid!).

When my husband had a business trip to England at the end of April during the week of the royal wedding, I pretty much demanded he bring back a royal wedding souvenir for me. I wasn't interested enough in the wedding to bother buying a souvenir online, but when I realized the significance of the timing of his trip, I wanted something. I didn't really care what it was. Something small. Maybe a spoon, or a coin.

The mug pictured above is not what he brought me. He brought me a tea canister filled with bags of English Breakfast tea. The canister has a photograph of the couple, along with their wedding date. I love English Breakfast tea served with sugar and milk, so this was a good gift.

He also brought me a newspaper from London, and it was all about the royal wedding. I sat reading it while I drank a cuppa, thoroughly enjoying myself, when I stumbled upon a small article near the back of the paper about royal wedding souvenirs. The royal wedding, it seems, was quite a boon to local artisans and handicrafters. Gift shops were doing a brisk business in royal wedding gewgaws, and for some people, this extra business was what was keeping them in business.

A London-based potter was featured in the article. She had some wedding mugs that were quite lovely, featuring the couple's name and the wedding date, and decorated with Union Jack bunting. Those are cute, I thought. Then I choked with laughter when the opposite side of the mugs were revealed:
Oh, oh, oh! I had to have one. The wit and cheekiness of the design, paired with my daughter's love of Harry Potter, made it irresistible to me. I flew to my computer and tracked the mug down. The price was a bit steep with shipping (shipping was more than the price of the item--that never happens when I buy things from the UK on etsy!), but sometimes I think to myself this is worth it. This is so worth it! It's cute, it makes me laugh, it's unique, and by purchasing it, I am supporting an independent artist. I can be frugal and careful with my spending most of the time, but not all of the time!

If you are interested in seeing her other designs, here is her website.


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