Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In which I emerge from my home

After a miserably cold and wet spring, we have finally had some very lovely weather the past few days. The temperature hit 80 F today, and I could almost watch the blossoms open on our backyard apple tree. Early in the morning the whole tree shimmered in pale pink buds, but by late afternoon, the blossoms had opened to white.
This is what one of the front beds looks like now, now that spring seems to finally be here:
We have a plot in the community garden again this summer. This year, because of our very wet spring, the coordinators decided not to till the land for us, so we have to do it ourselves. My son didn't have school today, so he and I walked over to get started.

The whole neighborhood has burst into bloom!

I felt like a mole coming out of a hole today. I was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt for the first time in a long time. The sun was warm on my skin. I put a few things into a drawstring backpack and settled it on my shoulders. My son carried a rake and I carried a hoe. As we walked down the street, I told him we must look like the beginnings of an angry mob, which made us both laugh. There were bees buzzing around, and the sweet scent of blossoms hung in the air. I was snapping photos left and right, when suddenly I felt something cobweb-like brush my arm. Trying not to panic, I did the oh-my-gosh-something-yucky's-on-me flail and nearly clocked myself on the cheek with the handle of the hoe. I felt really foolish when I realized the "yucky thing" on my arm was just the string of the backpack sliding off my shoulder. Even spring takes some getting used to, I guess!

Here is what the garden looked like when we arrived:

We worked for about an hour, turning over the soil with shovels and breaking up dirt clumps with the rake and hoe. We didn't finish, not by a long shot, and now I feel like it's a race to get the rest of the soil turned and all the seeds and seedlings planted before the weeds pop up again.

Here is what the field adjacent to the garden looks like right now:



Anonymous said...

Wow. We were so far ahead of you, spring weather wise, and now you're hitting 80 and I *think* we might get to 65F. Eventually. Soon? Please?

Anyhow, enjoy the spring pretties!

Glenda said...

I chuckled about the backpack strap "spider", because that's totally something I would do!

Beautiful pics; I'm glad you're finally having some lovely Spring weather.

Tricia said...

And then Saturday came and boom! back to damp and chilly. Unfortunately for us, we left the windows open a little too long into the damp and chilly phase, and it's settled into the house... [but I keep telling myself it will be welcome once it gets hot again!]

besomom said...

Ugh, I know, this is depressing!!! I had to wear a scarf and gloves this morning to walk my daughter to school! Can you turn your furnace on, Tricia? I broke down and turned ours on again.