Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo Project

Last year I tried a 365 project on Flickr but stopped after 100 photos. My enthusiasm flagged when I got tired of having to upload photos every day from my camera onto my computer, then post them onto Flickr. It got tedious and time-consuming, and many days I felt like the photos I had weren't really worthy.

I do, however, still like the idea of a simple chronicle of a daily photo. Earlier this month I got a new phone. Not the iPhone I've long coveted (see this post here), but a phone my son insists is even better: an HTC Evo. It has a camera, and uploading photos from it onto Flickr is ridiculously easy. I find myself thinking a 365 deal may be doable after all. The photos won't be wonderful works of art, but they will be a chronicle, and as I am already feeling that now is a time of transition for my family, a photo diary of life from this summer solstice to next summer solstice might be an interesting thing for me to keep. Watch it evolve on Flickr if you care to (a link to my Flickr account is on the side bar). Hopefully I will keep it up!

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