Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pumpkin Stitching

Here is a little seasonal cross stitch I worked up this past week.  I needed to destress after all the drama with the wedding sampler, so I chose something nice and straightforward, not to mention quick.  This is from the Harvest Littles chart by Hollis Designs.  The full design has four motifs (you can see it here), but the acorns and the squirrel are chock full of colonial knots, which do not fit my criteria of stress-free project!! So I chose to do just the pumpkins.  I stitched on 28 count linen (as opposed to 32 count that the pattern calls for, because I now know that 32 count fabric also does not fit my criteria for a stress-free project).  Using 28 count, this finished up to be small enough to fit into a frame with a 3-inch square opening.  Alas, I don't have a frame that size in my mini-frame stash, so I now have "3x3 frame" on my errand list!

I had big plans to work on all of my backlogged Christmas cross stitch patterns this year, but I ended up spending all of my cross stitch time on the wedding sampler.  I am realizing that NOW is the time to start on the Christmas stuff if I want to have it done for Christmas, but I have one more cross stitch to do before I will concentrate on tackling the Christmas patterns again.  I am really excited about this next cross stitch, and can't wait to stitch it and share it.

My craft focus has been pretty much limited to cross stitch lately.  I was getting overwhelmed by the chaos of running off in different crafting directions--sewing!  quilting! crochet! knitting! embroidery!  This was resulting in too many supplies, too many charts, too many books, and too much mess, with yarn here, fabric there, thread everywhere, and an overflowing unfinished project basket.  Right now I want things calm and orderly, so cross stitch it is!!


Tricia said...

Cute! Good luck on finishing your WIPs, eventually... :^)

Anonymous said...

I am grateful to have this pumpkin stitching from you. What a beautiful gift. Thanks again!