Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept. 1 Yard--summer wanes

Not a lot to say about it.  It looks a lot like the August 1 yard, possibly even more neglected.  The trumpet vine in the second-to-last photo belongs to the neighbor behind me, but it grows over the fence and graces my yard with its beauty.

I need to spruce up the bed to the right of the front porch. Plants don't thrive there. I've lived here 17 years, so I know what I'm talking about.  Maybe I just need to do potted annuals and stop fretting over it.

I think the herb garden (the photo with the rain barrel) is unfortunately going to be dug up and regraded this fall.  Every time it rains even a tiny bit we get a puddle in that corner of the basement.  I can't even set up a sprinkler for 5 minutes at the very front of the bed without finding a puddle in the basement later, which  explains why a lot of plants in the herb garden look a little withered.

Blogger has presented itself with a new interface which I am using for the first time right now, and consequently I feel like I'm typing in a foreign language.   Or, I could feel that way because my face is completely numb after a trip to the dentist this morning.  I had crown prep done a few weeks ago, but I got a call saying I needed to come back in before they could make the permanent crown.  Silly me, I just assumed they had to redo the impressions, so I skipped innocently into the office today, but they actually had to grind away at my tooth again.  Normally I am not wimpy about dental work, but today the novocaine made everything in my head numb EXCEPT for my tooth!  OUCH!  She kept giving me more shots, and my tongue went numb, my lip went numb, my cheek went numb, even my ear lobe tingled, but every time she touched my tooth I wanted to shoot up out of the chair.  I felt like a dishrag when I left the office, and now I'm completely exhausted.  I have to go to a 2.5 hour school function tonight, and I'm afraid I'm going to be drooling all over the place and greeting people with a lopsided smile.

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