Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two finishes for Christmas

I finished this little tree in time for Christmas! I saw this over on Karen's blog last year and thought it was so cute, so I tracked down the pattern for myself. (Oh Tannenbaum, by With Thy Needle and Thread). I followed the instructions exactly, which meant I had to coffee stain the fabric before stitching. I had never stained fabric before, so I considered skipping that step, but it's always fun to try a new technique. We are not coffee drinkers, though, so I asked my husband to check the break room at his office to see if he could find some instant. He couldn't find any (I think he didn't know what to look for!), so he ended up stopping at a fast food restaurant on the way home to bring me a cup of coffee. Ha, so bizarre to imagine him ordering coffee at a drive-through!

This next little ornament is from a Mill Hill kit.
My daughter's best friend is obsessed with all things popcorn, so I made this for her. Those Mill Hill kits are always a fun, quick stitch.

I am trying to get one more ornament stitched to give as a gift, and I still have some gifts-from-the-kitchen I need to make, not to mention preparing food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, so it's busy here. I'm sure you all are busy, too. All the blogs I like to read have been so quiet lately. I think everyone is trying to get stuff done! For those of you celebrating Christmas, have a joyous holiday, and thanks for stopping by this space.


Glenda said...

I *love* the Oh Tannenbaum cross-stitch! The coffee-staining turned out lovely.

Mill Hill puts out some cute Santa ornament kits, but that popcorn one is pretty darn adorable too.

The marshmallow pops are a huge hit with one of my friends! She is always asked to bring those to get-togethers now :-).

Kristi said...

Cute finishes! <3

Lynn said...

They turned out great. I love the take out coffee story. We don't drink it either.

Isabelle said...

Very nice! Not coffee drinkers? Goodness. What is life without coffee?

Well, my blog certainly hasn't been quiet, though I can't claim it's been very varied...

"All things popcorn"? I never knew that anything was popcorny except... popcorn. Clearly I was wrong. Happy Christmas!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love your little stitched tree. And the popcorn ornament is precious. I made some beaded ornaments years ago but have no idea where they are now. I didn't decorate for Christmas this year. Holidays were different when the kids were little. We had lots of families to celebrate with. Now everyone has moved away and things just aren't the same. We are just taking it easy around here, enjoying our winter holiday. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Tammy