Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Into 2011

Last year I started a 365 project, to post one photo a day on Flickr. I made it to 100, and then I didn't take a picture for weeks! I am not going to attempt a 365 project again, but I did give myself a new project to photograph my yard on the first day of each month this year. I am interested to chronicle how things change from one month to the next.

Our yard is pretty tiny. We don't have sweeping views or rolling terrain. We do have quite a few flower beds packed into it, though. I took these photos on January 1. All of the snow had melted the day before when we had a warm (mid 40s F temperatures) and rainy day.

There is not much going on out there right now!

Inside the house things are looking a bit sad, too. All the Christmas stuff is put away. I still have out some winter decorations, but I haven't rearranged anything yet to fill in the gaps where the Christmas things were, so things feel half-done. I need to get to work on that.